About Us

Kate's Story


Joy is a special word to me, it was my mother’s name. Her signature is the cursive in my logo and an exact replica is tattooed on my hand and in my heart. My Mom brought so much Joy to life, and I believe whole-heartedly in Joy and bringing it to others. Growing up in a large Italian family, the kitchen was the heart of our home. I have tried to do the same with my family through cooking meals and making desserts together. One day, we made hand-dipped chocolate and caramel pretzels for a party and had multiple people say I should sell them because they were THAT good. As a young mom who loved her family, I was always blessed with an entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to own my own business where I could be present for my children and build something joyful. I decided to take a leap, and Joyful Pretzels was born! Now my mothers Joy is making it’s way to all of you with the pretzels that I truly love.

Kate's Pledge to YOU


All orders are made  fresh for you, with only the finest ingredients.  Local pretzels are hand dipped with the richest of caramels and premium light and dark chocolates. Then finally topped off with a sprinkle of toffee.  

Orders can then be personalized for your occasion. As we share the joy with you, we want you to pass it on. For joy is what happens when you realize how good things are.  

Why choose Kate?


I am truly joyful when I make these fun treats, I have even expanded with some new recent products (Crakel) and I hope that whatever your occasion, you consider sharing some joyful appreciation with some of my hand-made pretzels!

Whatever your occasion, show your appreciation with a gift from Joyful Pretzels.